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I have always been one of those people who is laser-focused on looking as professional as possible, which is why I began second-guessing my choice of jewelry. I could tell that I was starting to look a little older, so I began choosing pieces that were a little more modern and delicate. It was really amazing to see how much of a difference it made in my life, and before I knew it, things had really come together. This website is here to help other people to know how to create a style of their own by using jewelry. Check it out for great information!



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Creating A Style

Three Things You Should Know Before Selling Silver

by Nathan Gordon

Whether you want to just start selling silver for a hobby or you plan on making this your full-time career, there are many things you should know. It will take time, practice, and some social skills to make you great at selling silver, and this guide can help you as well. Before selling silver, here are three things you should know.

Always look for the markings

Not all silver is created equal, and some things that look like silver aren't silver at all. That's why real silver is marked with classic marks you're familiar with, such as .925, .999, or even .800. These all indicate the amount of silver that is in a product, with .999 being the most pure.

If you find something that claims it has silver in it but it has no defined marking on the clasps, underside, or inside the material, then use a silver testing kit to verify the metal as silver. This way, you can easily purchase silver for your selling silver adventure. Keep in mind that silver-plated is not the same as being silver in content. Avoid selling silver that is only plated silver as you won't make a profit this way and may even lose money on your investment.

Scrap silver has value, too

If you're only into selling silver that is collectible via its coin value or its rarity, you're selling yourself short as a silver seller. Scrap silver has lots of value to a person who wants the actual silver content for its current and future value. Don't pass up scrap silver in the form of discarded art pieces, electronics, or even broken jewelry as once you separate the silver from other scrap metals, you can make a profit. You can sell the other metals to a scrapyard to recoup some of your investment as well.

Know the best time to sell

To maximize the amount of money you can make selling silver, buy silver for reselling when the market is low on silver and sell when the metal is at a higher value. This means you'll need to watch the stock market and keep track of silver prices. Soon, you'll be able to even partially predict silver trends so you can stock up or get ready to sell silver selling accordingly. Never invest more than you can afford in silver because it might take some time before you can sell, especially if you are selling silver in a niche market.