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Creating A Style

Buying An Engagement Ring? Reasons You Should Have It Appraised

by Nathan Gordon

The Christmas season is coming to an end, and before you know it, Valentine's Day will be here. If you are dating the person you see spending your life with, you may be thinking about getting down on a bended knee and proposing on or around this date. But, before you buy an engagement ring, or immediately upon doing so, you should consider having a jewelry appraisal done. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider having it done when you are buying or have recently bought an engagement ring.

You Ensure It Is Worth the Cost

One of the reasons why you should consider having an engagement ring appraised is to ensure the ring is worth the cost. It is hard for the average person to distinguish between real diamonds and man-made diamonds. The average person may also not know about color, clarity, and weight. An appraiser can tell you if the ring you are looking at is an authentic diamond, what color the stone is, what weight the stone is and its clarity. They can then put a value on the ring, which can help you determine the value of that ring.

An Appraisal Can Help For Insurance Reasons

Another reason why you should consider having an engagement ring appraised is that you may need the appraisal for insurance reasons. Some insurance policies require you to have an add-on policy for expensive pieces of jewelry. They may require an appraisal when purchasing an add-on policy. Even, if your insurance company does not require it, having an appraisal can show the worth of the ring in case it is stolen from your home.

Helps to Prove Ownership

The final reason why you should consider having an engagement ring appraised is that it helps to prove ownership. A receipt showing you purchased a one-carat engagement ring won't prove a lot, because there are so many one-carat rings out there. If your ring is stolen and you see it being sold at a pawn shop or online classified sites, it can be hard to tell the police that that is your ring without any proof. An appraisal can become vital in proving ownership if there are any disputes over who owns the ring.

There are many people and companies that offer jewelry appraisal services. Find out the reputation of the individual you are considering using, what expertise they have and whether any specific companies have certified them as a jeweler appraiser. All of this information will help guide you to a great appraiser to appraise the new engagement ring you are looking to buy or have recently purchased.