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I have always been one of those people who is laser-focused on looking as professional as possible, which is why I began second-guessing my choice of jewelry. I could tell that I was starting to look a little older, so I began choosing pieces that were a little more modern and delicate. It was really amazing to see how much of a difference it made in my life, and before I knew it, things had really come together. This website is here to help other people to know how to create a style of their own by using jewelry. Check it out for great information!



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Creating A Style

Pros And Cons Of Having Screw Posts Added To A Pair Of Earrings

by Nathan Gordon

A jewelry repair professional can perform small alterations to your favorite pieces of jewelry, including those that aren't broken and that thus don't technically require "repairs" in the traditional sense. If you have a pair of earrings that you really like, you might be thinking about having the standard posts removed and replaced with screw posts. Here are some pros and cons of screw posts that you can think about and discuss with your jewelry repair professional.

Pro: Less Risk Of Losing An Earring

The biggest advantage of having screw posts added to a pair of earrings is how much more secure this jewelry becomes. The backing of an earring can sometimes slide off a standard post with ease, resulting in a chance of the earring slipping out of your ear and being lost forever. Screw posts are much more secure, because you need to physically turn the backing until it comes off — much in the same manner as threading a nut onto a bolt. The risk of losing an earring after this upgrade is extremely low.

Con: Slow To Take On And Off

One potential challenge of screw posts is that they're a little slower to use. Whereas you can slide a backing on and off a traditional post in an instant, you'll be slower when you have screw posts. If you're the type of person who is always running late and needs to be able to put her jewelry on quickly in the morning, a screw post may not be your preferred choice.

Pro: You Won't Frequently Take Them Off

Some people take their earrings off frequently. For example, when you have a long phone meeting at work, you might remove your earrings so that the phone receiver doesn't press them into your skin and result in discomfort. The problem with frequently taking your earrings off is that you can set them down in random spots and forget to gather them up again. The presence of screw posts may be enough to compel you not to be constantly taking you earrings out, which could prevent you from misplacing one.

Con: Won't Slip Off When You Have Children

Children and earrings don't mix, and you may sometimes be worried about one of your young children grabbing an earring and pulling on it. With a traditional slide-on/off post, the child can pull on the earring with enough pressure to pull it out of your ear because the post will simply slide off. This won't happen with a screw post, and if the child pulls hard enough, he or she might hurt your ear.

For more information, talk to a jewelry repair professional in your area.