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I have always been one of those people who is laser-focused on looking as professional as possible, which is why I began second-guessing my choice of jewelry. I could tell that I was starting to look a little older, so I began choosing pieces that were a little more modern and delicate. It was really amazing to see how much of a difference it made in my life, and before I knew it, things had really come together. This website is here to help other people to know how to create a style of their own by using jewelry. Check it out for great information!



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Creating A Style

Choosing A Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

by Nathan Gordon

If you've been thinking about asking your significant other to marry you, you've probably started shopping for rings. But what do you do when you want something that's less traditional and more of a conversation piece? There are many alternatives to the traditional style of engagement rings. Before you start shopping, here are a few different options that you can consider.

Colored Gemstone Settings

Instead of sticking with the traditional diamond, you may find that opting for a colored gemstone is a better choice. Whether you look at amethyst, emerald, quartz, or other stones, you can choose a truly unique ring that will set your engagement apart.

If you still want a touch of tradition in the ring, look for one that has small diamonds set around or alongside the main gemstone. That way, you still have the sparkle of the diamond without the traditional diamond solitaire style.

Engraved Solid Bands

For even more departure from the traditional, consider proposing with a band-style ring that's been engraved with a design, image, or words that hold special meaning for you and your significant other. Some of the more common options include things like Celtic knots, infinity bands, and similar styles.

Environmentally Friendly Metals

Another way to choose an engagement ring that will be sure to spark conversation is to opt for one made from renewable material. Whether you choose a ring that's been crafted from melted and recycled precious metal or one that's been made from wood, there are many different choices. If you and your spouse have always been environmentally conscious, this is a great way to reinforce that belief that you share.

Permanent Rings

While it's not a tangible object, a permanent ring is a romantic way to show your commitment to each other. When you propose, do it with a gift certificate for the pre-paid session at your local tattoo shop. The ring can then be tattooed on your loved one's finger as a permanent placement. The best part of this type of proposal is that it allows both of you to have an opinion in the design of the final tattoo.

As you can see, engagement rings have come a long way since the standard diamond solitaire gems became popular for popping the question. If you're getting ready to plan a big proposal, consider a more unique option like the ones above before you actually buy that ring.