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Creating A Style

Inherited Engagement Ring: How It Can Make A Marriage Proposal Special & How To Get It Resized

by Nathan Gordon

If you want to make your marriage proposal special, you can consider presenting a ring that was passed down to you. Your significant other will feel special knowing that you are presented a ring that is dear to your heart, and you can get it resized so it will fit. Below, you will discover how presenting a ring that was inherited can make a marriage proposal special and how resizing it will work.

How Can Presenting an Inherited Ring Make a Marriage Proposal Special?

If the ring you are presenting to your spouse was inherited after losing a parent, it will automatically make it a special gift. Usually people hold on to memories of their deceased loved ones, so your significant other will know how special he or she is upon receiving the ring. You may also want to consider getting something special inscribed in the band that represents your love.

If you are presenting a vintage ring for the marriage proposal, it may be worth a lot of money. Make sure the ring is appraised before presenting it to your spouse so you will know how valuable it is. The reason it is important to know the value of an inherited engagement ring is so you will have evidence in case the engagement breaks off and you want it back.

How will the Engagement Ring be Resized?

Try to find out the ring size of your significant other so you will know how to get the engagement ring resized. A jeweler, such as Heritage Jewelers, will be able to resize the ring in a timely manner because the process is easy. A cut will be created in the part of the ring called the shank, which is the bottom of the band. The metal band will be heated after the shank is created.

After the metal is hot enough, the jeweler will open the band in the area where a shank was created until the desired ring size is achieved. There will be a sizing stock (piece of metal) of the same type and width of metal as the band placed in the shank area. The sizing stock will be welded into place in a way that hides the seams of the weld.

Go out of the way with your marriage proposal by presenting an engagement ring that was inherited from someone you love. A jeweler can resize the ring so it will fit perfectly if your significant other accepts your proposal!